John writes “the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). And he adds later with a quote from Jesus, “I am the …truth…” John 14:16.

As an “overcomer” through Jesus I am reminded of the days in my addiction when I willingly lived a lie. An addict creates a reality that allows him or her to live in total deception. Living a lie reaps nothing but a deeper rut that eventually becomes a grave.

However, the One who states, “I am the way… the truth…the life” is also the one that stated “the truth shall (not maybe) will set you free”. And then He gives us the route to truth and the way by which we attain and retain truth. He adds “…when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth…” (John 16:13).

Thank you Father for your Holy Sprit who guides and leads us to real genuine “TRUTH… JESUS , our protector, provider, our healer of our addictions, bad behaviors…” that interferes with our relationship to your SON.

A few days ago I attended the chapel service at the Asbury Theological Seminary in Orlando. It was an honor to be there. The speaker was Michael Beck. Michael had been elected by his fellow graduates to preach the final chapel service of the 2015 term. He will be receiving his Master’s of Divinity degree in a few days.

I have taken the privilege to share with you his words from his Facebook entry:

“I am a 9th grade dropout, born addicted, who grew up orphaned on the streets. I am the first member of my family to pursue ANY kind of college education. This afternoon, I submitted my final assignment at Asbury Theological Seminary. I have spent over 8 years in the rooms of higher learning, and maintained a 4.0 the majority of that time (received a single B+ thanks to Hebrew). This Saturday, by the grace of God I will graduate with a 96 credit hour Master of Divinity Degree with ZERO debt.

Summary of my educational process: I have learned how to learn, and plan to spend the rest of my life doing it. Don’t let anyone tell you that a goal cannot be accomplished. If God has called you to do it, he will carry you through it.”

And did he preach a sermon. I was so pleased that I could attend and hear a message from the heart of God through a young man that sometimes refers to me as “Dad” and I love it. Thank God for the Michael Beck’s that inspire, encourage and challenge us. I love you my preacher son.

HE HAS RISEN!!! He could only come forth from the grave due to the fact that He had been put to death at the hands of the angry mob. But I remind you He gave His life they really did not take it from Him.

The greatest event in the history of man took place in the Garden of Gethsemane. It was followed by the Cross the Resurrection and the Ascension. It all began when our Savior, our Redeemer, Jesus fell on His face before the Father and prayed “…Not my will but your will…” Those words, that decision changed the world

His will was to do the will of the Father. The will of the Father was for His Son to pay the penalty for your sins, my sins and the sins of all mankind. Easter is a reminder that Jesus died for each of us, he came out of the grave, and offers to us redemption from sin that we may spend eternity with Him. Jesus makes Easter very special.

Happy Easter to everyone.


Christian 12 Step’s annual celebration banquet was a night of worship and praise. God is so good to us. We burned the note on the building. We are debt free.

However , that was not the highlight of the evening. With more than 150 in attendance we were witnesses to numerous miracles of lives being changed through the power of our Risen Christ Jesus.

As Lance, Jamie, Brandy, Josh, Amber, Mark shared their testimonies of their healing and restoration in overcoming horrendous and destructive addictions the very presence of the Eternal Healer permeated the room creating an overwhelming gratitude for His Power and Love.   It was a most exciting evening.

Thanks to all who was involved in preparing such an awesome event in which our Savior was exalted. God is our Protector and our Provider. Amen and Amen!!!

“The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” (1 John 4:8)

That is some strong words.   Let me try to put that in my vernacular. “If you don’t know God you don’t know how to love and if you know God you are going to show genuine love because God is love.”

Do you think perhaps we have distorted the word LOVE. I cannot help but notice all the advertisements focusing on Valentine’s Day. Does how we behave and what we do on this particular day really describe love?

The kid was asked “what about broccoli” and she said “I love broccoli”. When the broccoli was passed at the table she did not take any out on her plate.   The hostess reminded her that she had said she loved broccoli. The kid said “I love broccoli but I sure as heck don’t eat it.”

This Valentine’s Day I challenge you to think about it when you say “I love you” to the one you consider to be your valentine. And especially when you tell God you love Him.





God is good all the time…

…all the time God is good!!!


Do you remember one of the first prayers we learned as kids? “God is great, God is GOOD, let us thank Him for our food. By His hands we all are fed. Give us Lord, our daily bread. Amen.”

Then we were introduced to the song “God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He is so good to me.”

In Psalm 100:5 -we read, “For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.”

Throughout the Bible we are reminded of the goodness of God. As we study the attributes of God we realize it is His very nature to be good.

Because God is good and full of mercy we receive the benefits of His goodness. Upon our repentance we are not only forgiven but we are granted a pardon, “old things pass away all things become new”. Our pastor recently stated that a born again believer has no past.

In His goodness we have access to Him. We can pray to God and He not only hears our prayers He answers each prayer. Oftentimes we consider a prayer unanswered because God does not do exactly what we ask Him to do.

For me at times the reason He doesn‘t give me the answer I desire is because of His goodness.   He has something better. He see the whole picture from the “beginning to the end“.

Another great benefit of His goodness is the gift of His Holy Spirit to live in us that we may have fellowship with God at all times. The fellowship is realized as a result of His presence. It is a trust relationship that assures us that regardless of what happens the results will reveal His goodness.        

The goodness of God is not always visible to us. Difficult times come and bad situations cause bad things to happen to us.   In these times we face problems.   Disappointments come and we find ourselves in a deep valley. We question the goodness of God. If God is good why am I experiencing bad times?

If God is good why did my mother die of a heart attack at the young age of 63? If God is good why are so many people being tortured and beheaded today because of their allegiance to their faith in God?

If God is good why are we facing such tragedies across our state, our nation our world? Why are bad things happening to good people? Again I am reminded that when God created this world He said “It is good”.

Could it be that God allows valleys so He can build mountains in our lives? Yes, God is in charge. In fact the Bible teaches us that He is the Sovereign God.

The little boy was lying on the floor and he looked up to see what Grandma had in her lap. She was sewing away doing a cross stitch design. The grandson said to his grandma “that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.”

Grandma invited him to stand up and look over her shoulder. As he looked at the design of the cross-stitching from the top view he did not see the knots and the hanging strands of thread. He quickly stated “Grandma that is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.”

I am not trying to be pious or pharisaical but it takes some knots and hanging threads, the good and bad things that happens, for God to create the person He knew would make the best person you could ever be. I know it is hard for some of us to believe that God is creating a beautiful person but He is.

If it is not good it did not come from our good God. He alone is the source for good not bad. In His wisdom He allows situations that seem to be bad and from that experience we are molded into an individual that exhibits the goodness of God.

The main problem is we use the wrong standard for goodness. We adhere to the standard of goodness set by the world. Goodness today is measured by what is good for me.    

Let me encourage you to submit to and trust the One that is the source of all goodness. He will never let you down. It does not mean that you will never experience bad things. It simply means that He is able to take the bad things and demonstrate His power to cause the bad to become eternally good.

God is good all the time…


                                                All the time God is good!!!



Happy New Year.  2015 is here.  As I review events of the past 12 months I am challenged to make 2015 twelve months of serving the Bethlehem Baby who went to the Cross, came out of the tomb and became my living Redeemer.  Jesus makes all the difference in the world.

Jesus turns sadness into gladness, defeat into victory, depression into joy, rejection into acceptance, bitterness into sweetness, unforgiveness into forgiveness, darkness into light, and on and on I could go.  How does He do it?  From the manger to the resurrection He defeated satan and every enemy even death itself to give to us abundant life.

There is nothing logical about how He changes things.  He told his disciples  that we gain life by dying.  We gain by losing and to follow Him we give up everything to have unexplainable abundance.  It sure doesn’t make sense to me but that is exactly what He tells us in His Word.

I listened to the message of Nick Vujicic at the Hour of Power broadcast this weekend, a man born without arms and legs. You can visit his webpage Life Without Limbs and hear his testimony.  He shared how he had prayed for the miracle of God giving him arms and legs until God revealed to him that he was the miracle.

Too often I allow myself to be caught up in the memories of the past, remembering the difficult times I have faced.  For the most part the valleys of the past are the consequences of the choices I made outside of the will of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I remind you as I often must remind myself that He told us we will reap what we sow.  Praying for crop failure does not work.

Then I hear the message of Nick Vujicic, a person with no arms and legs, by no fault of his own or the consequences of choices he has made and He shares the message of seeking a miracle from God to give him legs and arms and God tells him he is the miracle.  I was showered with conviction.  How often I consider my past as an obstacle for God to do with my life what He would choose to do.

It isn’t my past that forfeit’s the manifestation of the power of God.  It is me continually praying for forgiveness when God took care of that on the Cross centuries ago.  The miracle God desires to perform in my life is me simply surrendering everything I have to Him.  Yes that means the terrible choices I have made in the past.  Even through the consequences of disobedient choices, reaping what I have sown, a spiritual law that God Himself made, He desires through my dying to self to make me His living miracle.

As we enter 2015 would you join me in surrendering everything to God and allow Him to make you the miracle He desires you to be.  I commit myself to quit asking God to take away this and add that but simply ask Him to make me the miracle that He can use to proclaim His message of  hope.  Let me share the abundant life that comes in a total surrender to His Will by becoming His miracle.

Christmas is here and we are asking what can I give to the people on my gift list? The greatest gift was given to us on the day Jesus Christ was born. He in turn has given us the greatest gift. He has given us salvation. Let me share with you the gift He gives that is often overlooked. He gives salvation which involves changing lives and through forgiveness and restoration.

Yesterday I went to Lake Butler and picked up a young man that was released from prison.   As I drove into the prison I was reminded of my arrival there many years ago to be processed in as an inmate. It brought back many memories of the hurt and pain I had caused so many by my wrong choices. As we walked in I passed 3 young men working away serving as trustees. I stopped and shared with them my testimony of the change Jesus has brought into my life when I fully surrendered my life to Him. Jesus has given me forgiveness and restoration.

As we sat there waiting for the young man to be released to us I observed a number of men in the blue prison uniform fulfilling numerous duties as trustees. I began to think about the future of these young men and the paths they would travel. I asked one of the inmates when he could possibly face freedom and he responded by saying it would be several years.

What a waste. Or is it a waste? I am convinced being confined to a correctional facility often times becomes the seminary training for future ministers of the Gospel. I remind you that know me I received my Master’s of Theology degree from the New Orleans Baptist Seminary then I went to prison and received The MASTER’S Degree for service to my Lord and my King.

I have witnessed so many lives being claimed for Jesus to share the Gospel in these 11 years with Christian 12 Step Ministry. In Wildwood we have a pastor of a great church who came from the jail cell to the pulpit. A church in Belleview recently ordained a man as elder after his recovery from addiction and he also serves the church as youth director.

Another young man directs a transitional house in Titusville for recovering addicts. He was ordained to the Gospel Ministry a few weeks past. We received news of another young man who began a recovery ministry in another state after his release from prison and several months of victorious sobriety.

I could go on and on. How do I know about these men? They came to the door of Christian 12 Step Ministry and asked for help. We simply took the time to tell them about a Savior named Jesus. What a glorious opportunity is ours daily to share the good news of the Great Physician who heals addicts and brings to them genuine and not tolerable recovery.

Many of you reading this are partners with Christian 12 Step Ministry, Inc. Without your prayers, financial support and hours of volunteering we could never accomplish what God is able to do through this ministry. Your faithful support allowed me to go to Lake Butler and pick up this young man and share with him the good news of Jesus Christ.

Something amazing happened in the office when mom and grandma brought in the little son. He climbed in the chair at the reception desk and said “I am going to work for God”. The future perhaps will be filled with the witness of this young man and his son resulting in the salvation of many souls. I get excited when I am privileged to witness the power of God at work. The day of miracles has not passed. I see them in my office everyday.

God bless you and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

…THANKS…..GIVING…  two words combined to identify a holiday that is celebrated throughout our great USA.   I am confident that a heart of gratitude makes the difference in a person’s attitude and in his or her relationship to others.

Perhaps we should have named the holiday …GIVING…THANKS… We are a very blessed nation. Let me suggest that we consider making it a day of …GIVING….as well as a day of …THANKS.

In the ministry to which God has called me I meet hurting, wounded and broken people every day. Their circumstances are often brought on by wrong choices leading them down the path of addictions with innumerable consequences.

And yes I can actually say I THANK God for allowing me to be part of their lives. God has so blessed me and I have the experience of His Grace in times in my life when I have made wrong choices and faced and continue to face the consequences of hurting myself while hurting others.

Today God has placed me in a position to …GIVE… His Love, Grace, and Mercy in a spirit of …THANKS… for what He has done for me. I have nothing to give apart from God’s Grace. Yet, because of His Grace I have become His reservoir through which He can spill out His healing to all the hurting people He places in my life daily.

I take no credit for what God is doing. It is my desire to challenge you to …GIVE…today with …THANKS…and honor the ONE who has given so much, giving HIS life that we might be made alive. You can become His reservoir as well.

Jesus healed 10 lepers. One returned to say thanks. “Where are the other 9? Jesus asked. Let’s join together and be the one that returns to say thanks and today through our …GIVING… we say …THANKS…



I had thought about opening my remarks with the comment “another loss”. Brother Bud Gillett made his journey to heaven this past Sunday. We have known each other for 50 years. I was thinking that now I have lost another person that is so dear to me. Then I was reminded in my devotional time that I have lost nothing.

The fact is that my Brother Bud just got ahead of me and has entered eternity with Jesus and I will be reunited with him and it will not be long as I have reached the ripe old age of 70. In the past few months in addition to Brother Bud I have witnessed the passing from this life of Bob Gregory, a brother who provided me a job and a place to live when I was released from prison nearly 30 years ago.

And then I lost Brother Ray Geisel the founder of Christian 12 Step Ministry, the ministry where God has placed me to serve. Brother Ray challenged me to come out of retirement and join the staff at Christian 12 Step. The news came following his passing of grandma Mary at Dunklin making her journey to heaven.

A few months another of my dearest brothers, Brother Mickey Evans, founder of Dunklin was called to his heavenly home. Brother Mickey was the greatest example of Jesus that I have ever known. He was the reference of unconditional love to literally thousands of men who graduated from the faith based recovery program at Dunklin.

Soon after Brother Mickey’s passing my dear Aunt Julia who became my mother after the passing of my mother in 1983. Aunt Julia was 3 weeks away from her 99th birthday. She and my Uncle had 4 girls and she said to me many times that I was the son she never had. Uncle E. E., as he was fondly known, and Aunt Julia were consistently showering me with encouraging words inspiring me to fulfill the call God had placed on my life.

And now Brother Bud, one of the most caring and loving individuals I have ever known, made his departure to the streets of Glory. In my time of crying out to God for comfort He gently reminded me that I have lost no one. Brother Bob Gregory, Brother Ray Geisel, Grandma Mary, Brother Mickey, Aunt Julia, and Brother Bud are now at home having entered heaven and seeing Jesus face to face.

It is the same home Jesus stated that He has prepared for me and for everyone who trust Him as Savior. In days, weeks, months, or years will pass and I too will be reunited with each of these. I will be privileged to spend Eternity with Jesus and reunited with those I was tempted to say “I have lost” but it was not a loss. It was a temporary separation.

It is only when we forget that we are aliens in a foreign land and fail to focus our attention on an Eternity with Jesus that we need to be reminded that we are headed home and some have gotten ahead of us. There was a glorious day this past Sunday when my brother, William A. “Bud” Gillett entered his eternal home to be reunited with his mother, his dad, Velma’s mother and dad, my mother and dad, and a host of others.

Then he was privileged to gaze upon a large host of folks gathered to welcome him and they placed on his head a crown of thanks for having been the person God sent to earth decades ago to share the gospel with them that they might be saved. Bud is now singing but changing a few words, “When I got to heaven, It was a day, glorious day for me, and when I saw Jesus I cried out and shouted what a victory”. And then he sang as never before,   “IT IS WELL,IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL”.