Thanks to the many faithful friends of the ministry we are now debt free. The mortgage of $60,000 has been retired. God is so good and continues to bless us in so many ways. That is good news and I in no way diminish the significance of such an achievement made possible by so many fai
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Last Friday I was able to witness a miracle. A very supportive volunteer of the Christian 12 Step Ministry stopped by the office for a visit. She asked the question, “What is the balance on the mortgage on the Christian 12 Step office building?”. I gave her the figure and she presente
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The Good News

I just returned from an all day prayer meeting at Dunklin Regeneration Camp in Okeechobee, a place for addicts to find genuine recovery through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It was a day of celebration, praise and worship. Every staff member is a graduate of the Dunklin program. M
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Tribute To Brother Mickey Evans

Tribute to Brother Mickey Evans, Dunklin Memorial Church, Okeechobee, Florida My Mentor and Friend: Mickey Evans January 8, 1932- August 22, 2014 The following was written by Joan Warren   Has Anybody? Posted on 08/24/2014 by Joan Warren   “Has anybody told you today?” “Well, jus
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  Yesterday was a special day. I received a call from Lance inviting me to come and speak at his church. Some of you reading this blog will ask immediately “why does his invitation create what you are calling a special day”. Several months ago Lance was in my office a broken man.
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What Will Your Legacy Be???

Last week my 98 year old aunt went home to be with Jesus. In 3 weeks she would have been 99. My last visit with her a month ago was as always a time of inspiration and encouragement. She was blessed to have good health and was very mentally alert until the end. My uncle who is her lat
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I forgive

The Poison of Bitterness

The following article really spoke to my heart. I hope it speaks to your heart as well. I share it with a prayer that God will use it to challenge and bless us.   Bitterness is a deadly malignancy of the soul. Its poisonous venom destroys both the physical body and the spiritual
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american flag

My Memorial Day

What a Memorial Day weekend. I accepted the invitation of the staff to visit with the men at Liberty Lodge in Titusville, a transitional house for men seeking to follow Jesus and live in genuine recovery. On Friday night at discipleship class I was asked to give my testimony. I enjoye
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This past Wednesday I lost one of the dearest friends I’ve ever known, Chaplain Bob Gregory.  Not really, I did not lose him he simply got ahead of me and went on to heaven to see Jesus and be reunited with his parents, son, grandson and brother that had gone before him. I will see hi
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