…THANKS…..GIVING…  two words combined to identify a holiday that is celebrated throughout our great USA.   I am confident that a heart of gratitude makes the difference in a person’s attitude and in his or her relationship to others. Perhaps we should have named the holiday …GIVING…TH
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Never a Loss when Heaven is Home

I had thought about opening my remarks with the comment “another loss”. Brother Bud Gillett made his journey to heaven this past Sunday. We have known each other for 50 years. I was thinking that now I have lost another person that is so dear to me. Then I was reminded in my devotiona
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Thanks to the many faithful friends of the ministry we are now debt free. The mortgage of $60,000 has been retired. God is so good and continues to bless us in so many ways. That is good news and I in no way diminish the significance of such an achievement made possible by so many fai
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Last Friday I was able to witness a miracle. A very supportive volunteer of the Christian 12 Step Ministry stopped by the office for a visit. She asked the question, “What is the balance on the mortgage on the Christian 12 Step office building?”. I gave her the figure and she presente
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The Good News

I just returned from an all day prayer meeting at Dunklin Regeneration Camp in Okeechobee, a place for addicts to find genuine recovery through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It was a day of celebration, praise and worship. Every staff member is a graduate of the Dunklin program. M
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Tribute To Brother Mickey Evans

Tribute to Brother Mickey Evans, Dunklin Memorial Church, Okeechobee, Florida My Mentor and Friend: Mickey Evans January 8, 1932- August 22, 2014 The following was written by Joan Warren   Has Anybody? Posted on 08/24/2014 by Joan Warren   “Has anybody told you today?” “Well, jus
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  Yesterday was a special day. I received a call from Lance inviting me to come and speak at his church. Some of you reading this blog will ask immediately “why does his invitation create what you are calling a special day”. Several months ago Lance was in my office a broken man.
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What Will Your Legacy Be???

Last week my 98 year old aunt went home to be with Jesus. In 3 weeks she would have been 99. My last visit with her a month ago was as always a time of inspiration and encouragement. She was blessed to have good health and was very mentally alert until the end. My uncle who is her lat
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I forgive

The Poison of Bitterness

The following article really spoke to my heart. I hope it speaks to your heart as well. I share it with a prayer that God will use it to challenge and bless us.   Bitterness is a deadly malignancy of the soul. Its poisonous venom destroys both the physical body and the spiritual
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