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What are the benefits of participating in a support group?  In a support group we can experience true acceptance regardless of what we have done to others or what others have done to us.  We are able to gain a sense of what unconditional love is all about as we receive Christ’s grace, forgiveness, and healing.  Our group is a safe setting in which to express struggles, thoughts, ideas, and feelings with neither judgment nor rejection.  We can share our life-stories which include similar struggles, traumas, and pain—as well as victories in Christ for encouragement.

Because addiction wreaks havoc on our relationships with others, a support group is a place to practice connecting with others in healthier ways.  Our participation in a “family” type atmosphere can stimulate hope in Christ for our transformation and spiritual growth and the accountability there helps us persevere in the process of overcoming our stumbling blocks.

  1. gary Reply

    Hi, just looking for help, please !!

  2. Bill Wilder Reply

    Do you have a support group in or near Palm Coast or Bunnell, Florida?

    • admin Reply

      We have one in Bunnell Bill!

      Flagler West Community Church
      99 CR 2006, BUNNELL, FL 32111
      Facilitator Name: Pastor Gene Durrance
      Week Day: Monday
      Meeting Time: 6:00pm

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